Monday, June 28, 2010


I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have had quite a few conversations with some truly wonderful friends over the last month and I am in awe at how lucky I am to them in my life.

I have been in San Marcos for the last week and I have loved it all. I love spending time with my family, my best friends in the world. I love watching home videos full of Barnums, McMasters, and Myers - friends I have had for as long as I can remember and plan to keep for even longer. I love being with friends that I have met over the last few years at home. I love the high school friends that I can pick up with right where we left off.

But, being home makes me miss my friends up in Provo. These are the people who I have grown the most with has I have transitioned from a freshman dependent on my parents to a graduate trying to live life on my own. It is this wonderful world of trying to balance the social life with school/work. We are going through similar trials and hard situations, but we are also having the time of our lives. We are doing everything together and having so much fun.

I have friends from all stages in my life and I have best friends who I haven't talked to for years, but still love so much. I have had conversations with friends that have changed my life. I have learned to love friends who are completely and totally honest with me, even when it hurts. I am grateful for the people who have been put in my life. I am amazed at how quickly friendship can grow to love and I am so thankful for the ability we have to love so much in our lives.

I couldn't ask for anything better.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ode to Shaver Lake

Last Monday my ward went boating for FHE. I was giddy. I hadn't been on a lake since the summer of 2008...the days of Shaver Lake.

Shaver Lake has become one of my all time favorite family vacation trips. The days of Shaver started back when I was 12, awkward and loving Britney Spears. We would go with the McMasters and Barnums for at least one week every summer. I fell in love with being on the lake, windblown hair after riding in the boat, face planting while wakeboarding, the freeness of wakesurfing, and the wrestling of tube war-ing with the boys. Shaver is beautiful and has spoiled us all, no other lake is quite the same.

I remember the year that I could finally go out on the sea doos without an adult. Kels, Jess, and I love the freedom of filling the tanks alone and driving back to the dock for batteries and playing cards. The three boys (Tommy, Nate, Zach) always slept in the room across from the three girls(Me, Kels, and Jess). The boys and girls were both enemies and best friends as we played games like...mostly mafia. But then the pranks. The boys would think they were being so funny, throwing some sandal into our room with a walkie talkie taped to it so they could try and hear our conversations.

We did the Dinky Creek hike and the rock/waterfall hike we found in the lake. We would chase lizards on the beach and the monster frog terrorizing us all. We found buried treasure and jumped of rocks that shot forever into the sky. We battled the nasty lake bathrooms that were pitch black at noon. We learned what each cove held, where each rock would sneakily hide just below the water.

Every year we went through music phases. Sugar Ray, Notting Hill, and A Knights Tale soundtrack will always be the music of Shaver. But the first year, it was definitely classy Britney Spears. A few years later the boys were on some country kick (that was horrible). There was the summer of Fall Out Boy and Smash Mouth's Allstar. Armageddon was a hit for several summers and we ended with Matisyahu being a favorite as you were being towed behind the boat. We would watch Dante's Peak and Far and Away.

I loved everything about Shaver Lake and it is one family tradition that hopefully will start again someday. Shaver has this amazing power to create an instant bond between anyone and everyone who has shared in the adventures of "shave your legs?".

Monday, June 21, 2010

the first day of summer


I have one brother, the lucky boy. He can make me laugh like no one else can! He has come into my classroom a few times and of course all my boys love him. He is so sweet with them and I am very impressed with how well he works with them.

First - He was the CUTEST most ADORABLE CHUNKIEST baby EVER. I can't think about baby Porter without smiling. Everyone noticed him. You couldn't keep your hands off of him. But he has certainly turned into a handsome boy!

Porter has learned a lot from dad and they are often out doing service projects together. It is very cool to see them come and go. He is really such a great kid! But more on Porter and Dad - they are practically the same person! One Halloween, Dad shaved his hair and was Port! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Porter also has the most adorable smile possible. Oh and his hair! I have never met a boy with more hair. It is amazing!

We tend to go see boy movies together like Avatar and Clash of the Titans. He is a wonderful movie partner and is always offering to buy me snacks with the money he has saved! He is also a sports buddy for me.

Of course, I love watching football and basketball and really any sport I can. My sisters aren't quite into it (minus Syd, she loves basketball), but Port is! I have always wanted him to play football, but that would require him to leave his current school and go to Mission Hills. AND he has recently decided he wants to play!

Porter. You are a stud. Period! I am so glad proud of you and the many things you have accomplished! You are such an example to me and I can't wait to see the things that you will accomplish in life. You are so smart and so talented. You love everyone you meet and I cannot wait to come home and spend days with you at the beach, watching movies, and having dance parties. I love love LOVE you!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

i LOVE my dad

I have such an amazing dad. I couldn't ask for anyone better. He gives more than anyone I know. He is constantly doing some type of service and he puts down anything to help his kids. He is strong in the gospel. His testimony is sweet and sure. He supports me in everything I do and is so proud of my accomplishments.

I know I just mentioned that he was up her for a few days last week, but I LOVED the time that I got to spent with him. We went thrift shopping, we enjoyed my car, we got lunch together, watched the Lakers and Argentina win. Most of all, we talked and talked. I love going to lunch with dad. We do it whenever he comes in town and we just sit and talk for a good hour and a half.

My dad is everyone's friend. He is funny and personable. He easily loves and is amazing with kids. When I was just a baby, he was the lucky one who got to stay home with me during the day. We have video after video to prove it. He would stick fruit snacks on my face and see how long it would take me to find them, or put watches on my ankles - I am not sure why. He asked me questions about my best friend or what I was watching just to catch the funny way I talked. He took me camping, rock climbing, and fishing with the boys. I was his kukiluki and I will always be his kukiluki.

Dad, I love you. I always think I love you as much as possible, but then you do things and my love continues to grow. I admire your relationship with the Lord. I admire your testimony. I admire the way you serve those around you. I admire the way you never ever give up.

You have taught me so much. You love mom and we all know it. You love us and we know it. I appreciate the ways you looked out for me, even the times when your read my AIM conversations with my best friends and when you followed me home to catch me speeding. I used to think you were crazy, but it turns out you just love me.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


PLEASE NOTICE MY SLIDESHOW. It needs some attention right now. :)

Tomorrow marks one of the hardest days of my life. I have said goodbyes before, I have even said it 3 times before with her, but this one's different! It is not just for a few shorts months...this is for a potentially long amount of time. This could easily be my longest post ever...

Aubrey has been with me throughout my entire BYU experience. We have been referred to as partners in crime. When we are not together, we are asked where our other half is. It started back in the dorms, moved to Liberty Square, and then we settled in Chatsworth for the last two years. Normally they say, best friends don't make good roommates, but we proved that wrong! I loved living with her. I love the talks we get to have at night. I love the surprises I would find like a wet toilet seat after she showers or coming in to see her shaving in the bathroom sink. My favorite is when I would come home from school and find her sleeping in my bed (this happened on multiple occasions). We have gone through every ward together. We know most of the same people, although she might be a bit more popular than me (We have nearly 300 common friends on facey!). She can dance like no one I know and tries to show that she has some Latin in her with her booty shakes. We LOVE some ghetto music and have weaknesses for songs like "Love In The Club" by Usher and "Cyclone" by Baby Bash. We have recently developed Bieber fever and he has done us good.

She is the only person I have met who cares about BYU sports as much as I do. For instance, today I got a text to tell me that she had just seen a BYU Basketball player back from a mission and on campus. Of course this excites us more than it should. In response I said, "You remember what he looks like in person!? (It has been 2 years since we've seen him!) We are ridiculous!" The way she answered me is classic of how we feel towards BYU athletes, "hahah no, we are just friends with my head :)" We can tell you the names of everyone on the football and basketball team and then any useful information like whether they are single, dating, or married (and that has never been publicly announced so if we could keep that between you and me please!).

On a more serious note, Aubrey loves with all of her heart. She cares and she is always willing to give of her time and talents. She has been such a wonderful example to me and I am always in awe with the testimony she has of the gospel. She listens to promptings by the Spirit, no matter how hard and/or heartbreaking they might be. Because she is so close to the Spirit, I honestly believe our lives have been saved on multiple occasions. She is also the one who chose for us to live in Chatsworth. She was so picky about housing after Liberty Square and I was just ready to live somewhere. I am so glad we ended up at Chatsworth because I have made some of my closest friends there. She has been with me through the hardest moments of my life and I have leaned on her strength more than she knows.

Aubrey supported me in my work. She visited my classrooms multiple times. I am usually pretty hesitant when I allow people to come in. It gets awkward at times and lots of people do not know how to react in some situations. With Aubrey, I never had to worry or tell her what to do. She loved those kids as much as I did and they knew it too.

Her east coast style has rubbed off on me - I recently bought my first pair of Sperry boat shoes. She bought matching ones. But, I have also rubbed off on her. When we met, her closet consisted of everything black. I have brought color into her life and she looks SO good in it!

We love each other, even when we are laughing at each other. We have a running joke: "I am glad we share a sense of humor and an understanding that I'm slightly funnier." A card once told me something a long the lines that a good friend can make you laugh, but a best friend can make you snort. She is definitely my best friend.

I am so proud of her. Off to make her name amongst the stars of the NBA! I know this is not the end of our adventures and that is the only thing that is holding me together these last few days. We have sent BYU on quite the run and I just hope that the world is now ready for us.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mom and dad

I have done a lot of reflecting the last few days on my parents.

I had the opportunity to speak on Sunday. My topic: The Mother I Am Going To Be. Of course - that leaves me thinking a ton about my mom and the things she has taught me. She is the most wonderful person I know and she has always put us first. She is a wonderful example of the mother that I would like to become. We talk nearly everyday, but I cannot wait to go home and spend lots of quality time with my mom!

Then, my dad called me on Monday to see if I would pick him up from the airport on Tuesday. What a wonderful surprise! Of course he is here for work work work, but I at least get a trip to the airport and back with him. This afternoon we went to lunch together. I LOVE going to lunch with my dad - just like the daddy daughter dates we used to do! I am always amazed at the faith dad has in the choices he makes. While thinking about the mom I wanted to become, I also though a lot about the type of man I want to marry and the man I created was definitely a lot like my father.

Friday, June 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup!

The world cup started this morning. I am writing this while watching my MEXICO take on South Africa. (South Africa just scored in the 55th minute. The best part of the goal was the dance South Africa did after!). Mexico's Giovani Dos Santos is by far my favorite player today. :)

My last post was about soccer and here is another. I LOVE watching soccer. I love being crazy about a team. I love how the entire WORLD is going crazy over soccer and we are ALL watching these games. I wish that the US got more into soccer. It is such a beautiful sport and the world stops to watch it.

The best thing about this next week is that the Finals and the World Cup are both going on! Soccer by morning, my Lakers by night. Now, this is summer!! Waking up early and staying up late, all for the love of watching games.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RSL love

I grew up playing soccer but sort of lost my love for it once high school came around. My love for soccer was rekindled 2 summers ago as I studied in Mexico. Our good friend introduced us to Atlas and none of us really had a chance to like any other team. Watching Atlas play is Estadio Jalisco was amazing and one of my favorite things that we did in Mexico (I know, I have a pathetic love for sports).

So, I came back for my Junior year at BYU and Aubrey's dad started working with Real Salt Lake. That obviously meant I had to support Aubrey in supporting her dad and accompanying her to many games. Last season RSL took the MLS Cup against the LA Galaxy. The game was in Seattle. I was listening to it on the radio and got home just in time to run up and watch the shootout! It was amazing.

Last night a lot of things were happening:
  1. We took on the Galaxy again, who has been undefeated so far this year.
  2. It was a celebration for Mel's birthday.
  3. This was my last game with Aubrey before she moves out to New York to start grown up life.
  4. AND after the game, David Cook was going to be playing.
We WON! The concert was SO fun! It was just an overall WONDERFUL night.

BEE Winners? Ya, radio stations were all over us.

Monday, June 7, 2010

color esperanza

I haven't had a summer with no job or no school probably since my sophomore year of high school. I loved it back then, but I need something to keep me busy these days.

Today I washed my car. It's now raining.

For family home evening we walked to a park (during the walk there a few girls and I talked about our favorite canciones en espanol - hence the title of this post) and it turned into a huge whipped cream/water balloon fight. I can still smell the whipped cream stuck in my nose. It is disgusting but it was sooo fun. I love getting dirty, especially when I am wearing Aubrey's clothes and get to use her shower to clean up!

Later we decided to head to a playground, one with a lot of swings. I decided to have a twist contest (meaning I spin myself in the swing and see how many times I can go around...) and Kendrick made sure to twist me until the swing could twist no more. I now have a serious headache. ----- This is amazing to me. My students would sit in our swing ALL day if I would let them and their favorite thing to do was spin and spin and spin. I never realized how truly hard that is. Wow.


I love:
  • the sun
  • wearing skirts and sun dresses
  • the cool thunder and lightning storms (like last night!)
  • doing everything outside
  • driving with the windows down
  • blasting my summer music
  • bike rides
  • reading in the sun
  • reading reading reading!
  • hiking
  • Lakers in the Finals
  • driving my new car :)
But right now I am seriously missing:
  • my students - soooo so much
  • my family
  • the beach
  • Shaver Lake
  • tubing/wakeboarding/wakesurfing
  • San Marcos

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend has been one that I will never forget.

Friday I went to the funeral of Jenny Ames. She was in a car accident driving home from BYU Idaho a little over a week ago. I did not know her personally, but I know her mom and her mom was always talking about her. She was "too perfect" her mom told me. I was very touched by the service and it was very apparent that she lived as an example of Christlike love.

After the funeral, Michelle picked me up and we went to visit the cemeteries where my great grandma and great great grandparents are buried. What a wonderful experience, one I am very glad Michelle shared with me.

Then that night it was off to Vegas. As many of you might know, a good friend of mine, Robi, passed away last October. I still think of Robi nearly everyday. Well, Robi's parents invited us down for a BBQ at their place on Saturday. So I left with SEVEN boys (lucky me right!?) and we made it to Vegas at about midnight on Friday night. We explored the strip until about 3:00 a.m. when we headed to the Sundell residence.

The next morning through early evening was spent outside, swimming, eating, and playing a game of fishing - the boys could've done that for hours on end. It was wonderful. The Sundells were so very nice and I could not be more grateful for them. I loved seeing where Robi came from. I saw Robi's gigantic heart in each of his family members. There was no contention and a whole lot of serving all weekend.

After playing all day we ate at Robi's favorite restaurant - Farm Basket. Yum! Then it was off to the strip again. This time we wanted to get home semi early. I went up to the Stratosphere with two of the boys to ride those insane, crazy things up top. It was like I was up there, ready to die! I was so scared but eventually got on two of the rides. A thrill...but I screamed more than anyone else and unless I feel really brave, it would take a lot to get me to do that again!

Oh! I also finally saw the Bellagio Fountains! They ended with the National Anthem - pretty neat.

Sunday we went to church with the Sundells and then it was back to Provo with a few stops a long the way in Mesquite and Parowan (where the boys got to shoot BB Guns and sling shots, of course).

All weekend I have really thought that I am the luckiest girl I know. Even now, as I talk about it and tell people what I did, I can't stop thinking it. I am so glad that the boys thought to invite me - it means more than they will ever know. I have absolutely LOVED every single minute and memory I have with these great boys that I met three years ago in Liberty Square. They have become family to me and of all the kids I have met at BYU, they have stuck around the longest. I love them. I am so grateful for the Sundells and the love that they have shown us. I am grateful that I got to see how Robi became Robi. I know that am so blessed to have known Robi. He never fails to touch my life and I am trying my best to become a better person through the lessons he taught me.