Tuesday, June 27, 2017

one week down

monday marked a week since ashton left for the air traffic control academy in oklahoma.

i have learned a lot in that week:

- i don't like being in bed alone
- my kids are the most important. not the cleaning.
- it is ok to ask/accept help
- our families are amazing, which i already knew, but their support & willingness to help has been such a blessing
- friends who check up on us are the best kind of friends
- take advantage of any naptimes. clean if i can, nap if i am tired, or take some time to myself - they're all ok options!
- stop stressing about things i cannot control
- be flexible! when i was teaching, it was easy for me to be flexible in my classroom. at home, i like to set expectations & meet them. that's alright when it was just me, but impossible to do with kids and without ashton's help

there are also some perks (this is me trying to look on the bright side. i would easily give these up to have ashton back)

- i can turn my lamp on at night when feeding Gus
- i can watch shows without headphones while up in the middle of the night
- no one is here to bring me ice cream/oreos/treats (only a perk since i am trying to get rid of that baby weight. but, if i am being honest, i am really missing those treats)
- less laundry/dishes/cooking.

we sure miss our dada, but when these three months are over we are going to be the happiest little family!