Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School and EVERYTHING else

There is so much that has happened in the last month.
I am now back in Provo. I got out here on Wednesday night and I am still working on moving in. Jackie drove up with me and I this is the first time we will not be together everyday since Shaver Lake. It was a sad goodbye - but with any luck she will be here in October for conference.
My apartment is adorable. We have a main level with our living room and kitchen then there is upstairs with the bedrooms and my favorite part - a basement! It isn't even an exciting thing, just storage room, but just saying I have a basement sounds so cool.

Our first football game of the season was on Saturday. We played Northern Iowa and we won. I love my team. Can you believe this is my 3rd season of football?! haha AHHH. It was such a fun game. My seats are 2nd row on the 40 yard line. It will be a great season.

Saying goodbye to San Marcos was harder this summer than before. Kelsey was leaving home too and so my family was more emotional than usual. I also actually did pretty well making some amazing friends in the Palomar Ward. There was always something going on and I found myself busy with a social life once again.

I also had some friends from BYU come down and visit at the end of summer. They stayed at my house for 4 days and it was a party. Jackie was over the entire time and I am convinced they are now best friends with her.

Well - Mom says she can feel all the adventures I am going to be having this year. I can't wait for them to start happening!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Another summer - another week at my favorite Shaver.
My family has now been doing this for 9 years with the McMasters and Barnums...we become the McBarkelson. Every year we do the same thing. We are on the lake almost everyday. Saturday and Sunday are our break days. Saturday we head down to Fresno for the day where we watch a movie, maybe some shopping, and eat lunch at Red Robin. Sunday we go to the lovely little Auberry ward. People have really started to recognize us around town.

Everyone left for Shaver on Wednesday night. This year we were missing Kelsey, Zach, and Nate - but I brought Lauren, Tommy had his fiance Lauren, and the Barnums brought fun little Austin. Lauren and I drove up Saturday morning and met them all in Fresno. We missed the Red Robin bit but got everything else in.

Sunday was church followed by our hike down Dinky Creek. This lovely picture is what happens when you get scaredy cat Syd followed by goofy Port. Poor Cliff. I wish you could have heard the screaming happening in this picture. It was a little ledge you had to scooch down with a little fall on the other side, but nothing major. Syd didn't get how to do it and was screaming. I told her to sit down and I was going to scoot her. Porter sits down as well and then gravity takes over....there he goes. Scooting right into Syd. I have never seen her so mad. "PORTER! STOP. GET OFF!! POOOORRRTTTERRR. NO STOP!" haha and then a series of loud screams. Poor Porter could really do nothing about it, gravity was pulling him down. Next, he got stuck between our scooting rock and the rock that made the scooting hard. It was hilarious. Then Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were spent all out on the lake. The Myers and the Simmons showed up at Shaver Tuesday and my best friends Alyse and Chad finally made it Wednesday afternoon.

At one point in our adventure the girls, Hannah and Jaycee, wanted to play hide and seek. Now, Lauren and I aren't the greatest hiders and hate being it, so we tricked them into a dance party. Those girls have moves I have only seen on TV!

Tuesday was the day of my great fall. I ate it bad. I didn't even get that great of a jump in and smacked on the opposite wake. I went down fast and slapped my head on the water then my board came up over my head. I heard my spine just snap. I thought I was dead but when I realized I was ok I was ready for another run. The next day my entire body was mad at me. I was sore and couldn't move. Thursday - once I had made it home - my head was exploding. There was so much pressure and I thought my eyes were going to pop out. We went to urgent care and she was a little worried but there wasn't much she could do so I had a follow up appointment yesterday. Conclusion: whip lash and a contusion. Don't worry though, I am alive :)