Monday, March 26, 2012


Today was the definition of MONDAY.

We woke up to a rain/crazy wind storm.  It was ridiculous!  And as we drove into Eagle Mountain, the snow began to fall.  One of my aides showed me a picture of her neighbor's trampoline on a different neighbor's roof...I had no idea this was possible!

Then it was a minimal day.  Great, right?  ha...Great for students.  Terrible for teachers.  We had training until 5:15 while everyone else got to leave by 1:45. 

So in an attempt to forget about my long Monday, let me tell you about my wonderful weekend surrounded with family and friends, then rolled in sports.  My favorite things.

Friday night I went to the Jazz game!  Not only did I get to go to the game, but I got to go with some of my favorite friends.

Saturday afternoon, Mel and I met up in American Fork to go to our friend Katherine's bridal shower.  I don't know what came over me, but I might have teared up just a few times seeing how happy and in love Katherine was.  Her shower was princess themed and my favorite quote was, "You're what happened when I wished upon a star."  Yes, that was one of them that made me cry...Oh it was just so darling and sweet and so much love!  Congratulations dear Katherine.  

So at some point on Friday, I got a little text from dad.  This is what it was:

Ah I love my dad.  We had wanted to go to the last game, but decided not to because of the weather.  So, we went and watched them, sadly, lose to Chivas USA.  Besides losing, dad and I had a lot of fun at his first RSL game.  Hopefully, we will make it to many more this season.

Yes, today was a Monday - but tomorrow is a brand new day.  And, I had a fabulous weekend.

Oh...and two weeks from today, I will be on a cruise!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the physical and it's effect on our spirits

Bad hair day = A bad day all together.  Have you ever noticed that?  How I feel about myself is a huge factor in determining how my day goes.  When I feel like I was rushed and maybe my outfit just doesn't go quite right, my make up is off, or I just look tired - I find myself a little more on edge, grumpy, anxious, and impatient.

Over the last few years, I have found that I see this even in my students.

My greatest example comes from my internship.  I had a student in this class that I had worked with as an aide a few years prior.  I saw this as a little tender mercy.  Not only because I had aided in a different school district and didn't ever think this boy would be in my life again, but also because I had something familiar in this new setting and the next stage of my life.

Now, as much as I was excited to have this boy in my class again, I also remembered how difficult he could be.  He was aggressive (lots of scratching and biting), almost nonverbal, and he was a really big boy.  A really big boy.  Did I tell you that he was a big boy?!  He was short and sturdy and I am pretty sure he could knock over any football player if he wanted.  A few months into the year, we realized that even when his diaper had been changed, he was stinky.  We discussed with his father and our IEP team ideas of things that we might be able to do for him.  Together, we came to the conclusion that we needed to teach him how to shower himself - sort of a big task to take on at school, but we got the permission we needed and me and one of the aides worked with him everyday.

Within a week of showing him how to clean and care for his body, he became a different boy.  He was all lovey and sweet.  He began talking with us.  He used nice hands and made eye contact.  It was amazing the change that we could see.  I love that boy with all of my heart.

The last two years, I have worked with older students.  They are at the age where showering isn't always fun and brushing your hair is just an option.  Sometimes we are attached to clothes/costumes that are old, full of holes, and stinky.  There are lots of little things we are doing in our class to reinforce good hygiene, but a lot of it happens at home.  When one of my students shows up with new clothes, shoes, or if mom has done their hair, they glow with confidence.  They seem excited to work and participate, because then it gets them attention and their peers can notice their new clothes.

This draws me to the conclusion that our physical bodies affect our spirits.  I know I have talked a lot about it's appearance as well as hygiene, but we also need to remember that this includes what we put in our bodies.  We need to take care of our bodies so that we can allow our spirits to shine.