Thursday, December 21, 2017

life in fort smith

fort smith has now been our home for three whole months & it really has started to feel like home.

life here is slower. traffic is almost non-existent (except for on the one major street we have). there isn't a whole ton to do - no aquarium, zoo, kids museums, etc. we have one target & seven walmarts (this is arkanasas after all). there are quite a few parks & we even have a water park, but none of that is useful for the winter. we have learned to let go of costco and embrace sam's club. we find ways to keep busy - library, play dates, running errands, coming up with activities to do at home...

we recently got passes to a children's museum about an hour and a half north. we went last week & rooney loved it so much, we had to get one. i imagine we will try to go once or twice a month.

our ward is full of amazing people who have welcomed us in. a few women do a preschool for an hour once a week & rooney is always talking about her "school". i was called as the relief society compassionate service leader, which has forced me to get out of my little comfort zone & get to know people.

ashton has settled in with work. he has sundays & mondays off & his hours are a little different day to day. he is really enjoying being in the tower & training. he is doing a great job.

things are different here & we still have some adjusting to do - i think getting used to not being close to family will take the longest, but we are so happy to be where we are.

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